Weed Harvesting Report: Seaweed collected last year vs this year: 2020 - 1,788 Tons 2021 - 3,674 Tons

Serve as an Election Inspector!

Now is the time to contact the Town of Geneva if you are interested in working as an Election Inspector (poll worker) for elections in the 2022-2023 cycle. Eligible workers must be 18, qualified to vote (even if you not registered to vote), and attend required training. We offer morning or afternoon shifts and election workers are paid. Interested in being part of the process? Let’s get started.

     1 – If you are a member of the Walworth County Democratic Party or the Walworth County Republican Party, please contact your party to request your name be placed on the list provided to us in November. By law, the party lists must be received in our office by November 30th and names are then approved at the December Town Board meeting.

      2 – If you are unaffiliated with a party (you do not work with a county party), contact Ellen Lamping at the Town Hall 262-248-3723 by November 15th. Unaffiliated workers must also be approved at the December Town Board meeting as well.


You can expect 2 to 4 elections per year that take place in February, April, August and November. We look forward to hearing from you!