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Town Assessors

Accurate will be in the Town of Geneva doing assessments the week of

June 12th - 16th. They will have ID's visible, shirts with their logo,

and their vehicles will be marked. Should you have any questions,

please call the Town Clerk at 262-248-8497

or the Town of Geneva Police Department at 262-248-9926.





 Woodchips are available for pickup at the Dam.

(Hwy H across from N3364 Hwy H,

East End of Lake Como)






Town of Geneva Clerk/Treasurer's office

will be open weekdays from 9 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 4 pm







Committee/Commission Appointments


The Town of Geneva is seeking applications from interested residents for appointment to various committees/commissions. These include the Plan Commission, Police Commission, Park Commission, Lake Committee, Election Inspectors, and the Lake Como Sanitary District Board (must reside within the sanitary district). Application is available on our website under Document Downloads or from the Town Clerk, N3496 Como Road.

Calendar of Events

Jun 26, 2017, Mon 06:30pm
Jul 05, 2017, Wed All Day
Jul 10, 2017, Mon 10:00am
Jul 19, 2017, Wed All Day
Jul 22, 2017, Sat All Day
Jul 27, 2017, Thu 10:00am
Aug 02, 2017, Wed All Day
Aug 16, 2017, Wed All Day
Aug 19, 2017, Sat All Day
Sep 06, 2017, Wed All Day
Sep 16, 2017, Sat All Day
Sep 20, 2017, Wed All Day
Oct 04, 2017, Wed All Day
Oct 14, 2017, Sat 08:00am
Oct 18, 2017, Wed All Day
Oct 21, 2017, Sat All Day
Nov 01, 2017, Wed All Day
Nov 15, 2017, Wed All Day
Nov 18, 2017, Sat All Day